Six right livelihood guidelines

right livelihood These are the six basic things, you should keep in mind to find the right livelihood, wisdom and deep connection within self.

1. Consume mindfully.
2. Pause. Breathe. Listen.
3. Practice gratitude.
4. Cultivate compassion and loving kindness.
5. Discover wisdom
6. Accept constant change.

1. Consume mindfully.

  • Eat with awareness and gratitude.
  • Pause before buying and see if breathing is enough.
  • Pay attention to the effects of media you consume.

2. Pause. Breathe. Listen.

  • When you feel compelled to speak in a meeting or conversation, pause.
  • Breathe before entering your home, place of work, or school.
  • Listen to the people you encounter. They are Buddhas.

3. Practice gratitude.

  • Notice what you have
  • Be equally grateful for opportunities and challenges.
  • Share joy, not negativity.

4. Cultivate compassion and loving kindness.

  • Notice where help is needed and be quick to help
  • Consider others’ perspectives deeply.
  • Work for peace at many levels.

5. Discover wisdom

  • Cultivate “don’t know” mind (= curiosity).
  • Find connections between Buddhist teachings and your life.
  • Be open to what arises in every moment.

6. Accept constant change.

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